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two decades on IP Core & SoC market

Digital Core Design has been established in 1999, being one of the first companies of the new born IP Core market.

During these two decades DCD mastered more than 70 different architectures, among them e.g.

  • World's Fastest 8051 IP Core, the DQ80251

  • World's Tiniest 8051 IP Core, the DT8051

  • Fully scalalble & Royalty-free 32-bit CPU, the D32PRO

  • 100% safe cryptographic system, the CryptOne

Rough estimations show clearly that more than 500 000 000 electronic devices around the globe have been based on DCD's IP Cores. 

Nowadays almost every single device is equipped with electronics or use electronics in manufacturing. Digital Core Design has been devoted to innovative IP Cores for more than two decades. Our solutions power electronic hearts of the devices used by us every day.

About us: About Us
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